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Published September 5th, 2017 by Vincent Vella DDS

Say hi to Jenny, our featured team member for September.  

Jenny has been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2000 and joined our team in early 2017.

Prior to her career in Dental Hygiene, Jenny worked in the field of Exercise Science.  Her experience in both fields allows her to promote a healthy lifestyle to her patients, colleagues and family. 

Originally from Colorado, Jenny now lives in Canandaigua with her husband Bill and her rescue dog Loki – who she is fast to share is not exactly “low key”!!!  In her free time Jenny enjoys biking around the Finger Lakes, cooking and traveling.  She looks forward to helping you #SmileMoreWithDrVella

When Dental Implants Are a Good Idea

Published July 28th, 2017 by Vincent Vella DDS

You don't have to live with dentures. If you have suffered the loss of a permanent tooth, dental implants are a good option. In most cases, they provide a better solution than dentures and can serve you well for many years to come.

Reasons to get dental implants

Positive Effects of Loving Your Smile

Published July 22nd, 2017 by Vincent Vella DDS

Does self-consciousness about your teeth keep you from smiling the way that you should? Many people avoid smiling altogether or self-consciously smile with closed lips because of discolored, damaged or missing teeth. We recommend investigating ways to improve your smile because of the many benefits loving your smile provides:

What Does Sedation Dentistry Do?

Published July 17th, 2017 by Vincent Vella DDS

If the dentist's chair makes you nervous, it may make sense for you to give sedation dentistry a try. This dental option can make it easier for people to get in the chair and get the dental care they need for good oral health. Not sure what's involved in sedation dentistry? Learn more below:

What options are there to replace front teeth?

Published July 10th, 2017 by Vincent Vella DDS

Missing front teeth can affect your confidence about your smile, can make it harder to bite into food and can affect the health of both the remaining teeth and your jaw below. Luckily, there are several tooth replacement options available that can fill in the spot and return your smile to normal. The most common ones include:


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