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Surgical Extractions


Oral surgery typically involves the removal of a tooth in a process known as a tooth extraction. It is usually required when the tooth is severely decayed, broken, or infected and no favorable outcome is expected from any restorative option. Typically a bone graft is recommended in conjunction with extraction of a tooth to provide a strong foundation for both adjacent teeth and future replacement of the extracted teeth.

In order to replace missing teeth there are many options available such as single or multiple implants, fixed bridges, or a removable prosthetic device.


        Partial denture                                     Dental Implants                                Traditional bridge                                             


Implant Supported Denture            Implant Supported Bridge                 Traditional denture

These options will be discussed in detail with the dentist and treatment coordinator to best determine which is best for you and a treatment plan will be presented prior to extraction of the affected tooth or teeth. Of course risk and benefits as well as pre and post-operative recommendations and medications will be thoroughly reviewed prior to your appointment.

Our team is committed to giving patients the highest quality dental care in a comfortable, relaxed environment using the most innovative implant technology. We are confident you will trust our friendly, caring and knowledgeable team.

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